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For inquires about our organization you can send your mail to:

Katutjiniq - Kativik Regional Development Council
P.O. Box 239
Kuujjuaq, Quebec, J0M 1C0

Telelphone: (819) 964-2035
Fax: (819) 964-2611
E-Mail: ayassa@krg.ca


The board of directors of the Kativik Regional Development Council is its sole only decision-making body.

The board of directors has representatives from the following organizations:

  • Three members of the Executive Committee of the Kativik Regional Government representing the municipalities of the Kativik region;
  • One executive or board member from the following regional organizations: Makivik Corporation, the Kativik School Board, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services and Avataq Cultural Institute, representing the ethnic, education, health and social services and cultural sectors respectively;
  • One board member representing the Landholding Corporations of Nunavik;
  • One member representing the Nunavik cooperatives, the Nunavik Women's Association, the Nunavik Youth Association and Taqramiut Nipingat Incorporated, Nunavik's Inuttitut broadcasting corporation;
  • one member representing the Nunavik Hunters, Fishers and Trappers Association;
  • two board memebers elected by the Corporation's membership, which includes entrepreneurs and the region's socio-economic agents. The mandate of these membership-elected directors is two years.



Representing Organization

Johnny N. Adams, president Kativik Regional Government
Maggie Emudluk, executive

Kativik Regional Government

Adamie Alaku, member Makivik Corporation
Sarah Aloupa, member Kativik School Board
Elena Labranche, member Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services
Rhoda Kokkiapik, member Avataq Cultural Institute
Daniel Epoo, member Landholding Corporations of Nunavik
Yves Michaud, member Federation of Cooperatives of Northern Quebec
Aani P. Tulugak, member Nunavik Women's Association
Jonathan Epoo, member Nunavik Youth Association
Sammy Duncan, member Taqramiut Nipingat Incorporated
Paulusie Novalinga, member Nunavik Hunters, Fishers and Trappers Association
Daniellie Qinuajuak, member Entrepreneur
Bobby Snowball, member Entrepreneur


Studies (PDF)

Nunavik Comparative Price Index (541 KB)
Poverty In Nunavik (108 KB)

Reports (PDF)

The Regional Development Strategy (336 KB)
Procurement Policy (102 KB)
Annual Report 2000-2001 (250 KB)
Transportation Plan of Nord-du-Quebec (385 KB)
Public Hearings (PDF 179 KB)

Regional Committees

Transport Quebec
Solidarity Fund


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