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The role of the Katutjiniq- K.R.D.C

Quebec wants to increase the region's involvement in its own affairs and, at the same time, support local and regional economic growth.

The government has three main goals for its regional development plan:

  • That global process of cooperation and planning will lead to the adoption of a regional strategic plan. This plan gives local and regional stakeholders the chance to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. The process also helps determine the region's opportunities for development as well as identify the potential for inter-regional projects;
  • That, based on the strategic plan, regional stakeholders negotiate a bipartite agreement with Quebec. By signing this general development agreement, Quebec recognizes the development priorities and directions established by the region. Quebec also agrees by the terms of reference to align any actions taken the government departments and agencies with these priorities;
  • That this agreement leads to the negotiation and conclusion of specific agreements with regional stakeholders, departments and government bodies. These specific agreements give the government and regional partners common objectives so government policies will better reflect the situation and distinctive characteristics of Nunavik.

The KRDC's emphasis, according to Quebec's policy of supporting local and regional development that came into effect on April, 1998, is, as follows, on:

  • Cooperation in the drafting of regional development strategies;
  • Planning and support for regional development;
  • Implementation of Quebec regional development policies on the local and regional levels.


Studies (PDF)

Nunavik Comparative Price Index (541 KB)
Poverty In Nunavik (108 KB)

Reports (PDF)

The Regional Development Strategy (336 KB)
Procurement Policy (102 KB)
Annual Report 2000-2001 (250 KB)
Transportation Plan of Nord-du-Quebec (385 KB)
Public Hearings (PDF 179 KB)

Regional Committees

Transport Quebec
Solidarity Fund


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