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Welcome to Katutjiniq — Kativik Regional Development Council

Katutjiniq is an Inuttitut word that means working together or collaboration. It was first coined during preparations for Nunavik’s second socio-economic conference that was held in Kuujjuaq from April 11–14, 2000. Given the important role played by the word katutjiniq during the conference, the board of directors of the Kativik Regional Development Council decided to add it to the organization’s legal name.

Nunavik’s first socio-economic conference was held in Inukjuak in 1985. In general, the region’s socio-economic conferences assemble all local socio-economic committees, mayors, elders, youth, and other stakeholders in order to network and share ideas.

Among a few of Katutjiniq’s responsibilities under the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement, Section 23 entitled Environment and Future Development North of the 55th Parallel stipulates:

23.6 Kativik Regional Development Council

23.6.1 The Regional Development Council (hereinafter called "Regional Council") shall hereby be established and its officers shall be elected as ordinarily provided for such bodies.

23.6.2 The Regional Council shall be involved with the Office de planification et de développement du Québec1 (hereinafter called "OPDQ") and shall become the preferential consulting body of the latter, in matters related to public consultation and advice on development in the Region north of the 55th parallel.

23.6.8 The Regional Council will encourage the implementation of an information system with Quebec and its other agencies in order to facilitate communications.

23.6.9 As part of its duties, the Regional Council must consult the population and may hold public hearings if it considers it appropriate to do so

Since the JBNQA was signed, Katutjiniq has grown, developing new funding programs. Katutjiniq has been responsible for creating the Nunavik Investment Corporation (1987), promoted and managed the Nunavik Tourism Association (1983-1995) and negotiated its funding, the Nunavik Mineral Exploration Fund (1998). More recently, it has been focussing its efforts on an initiative entitled Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund, youth fund (in co-operation with the Saputiit Youth Association). Katutjiniq manages the Regional Development Fund (RDF) targeting strategic regional projects and the economic diversification fund (2003-2004). The guidelines for these two funds may be viewed using the software Adobe Acrobat Reader.


1 The Ministère du Développement économique et régional (department of economic and regional development) has since replaced the OPDQ.


Studies (PDF)

Nunavik Comparative Price Index (541 KB)
Poverty In Nunavik (108 KB)

Reports (PDF)

The Regional Development Strategy (336 KB)
Procurement Policy (102 KB)
Annual Report 2000-2001 (250 KB)
Transportation Plan of Nord-du-Quebec (385 KB)
Public Hearings (PDF 179 KB)

Regional Committees

Transport Quebec
Solidarity Fund


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