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Nunavik Regional Organizations

Kativik Regional Government
Kativik School Board
Nunavik Regional Board of Health & Social Services
Avataq Cultural Institute
Makivik Corporation
Nunavik Hunters, Fishermen & Trappers Association
Nunavik Women's Association - Arnaliat
Nunavik Youth Association - Saputiit
Nunavik Landholding Corporations
Federation of the Cooperatives of Northern Quebec
Taqramiut Nipingat Incorporated
Nunavik Tourism Association


Reference for Rising Entrepreneurs (French Only)
Minister of Revenue of Quebec
Northern Quebec Portal (French Only)




Studies (PDF)

Nunavik Comparative Price Index (541 KB)
Poverty In Nunavik (108 KB)

Reports (PDF)

The Regional Development Strategy (336 KB)
Procurement Policy (102 KB)
Annual Report 2000-2001 (250 KB)
Transportation Plan of Nord-du-Quebec (385 KB)
Public Hearings (PDF 179 KB)

Regional Committees

Transport Quebec
Solidarity Fund


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